Excavator Pin Couplers

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Pin style couplers are available in multiple formats:

Manual Pin Coupler - by far the most common, affordable and in our opinion the best value! This coupler turns changing buckets into a one man job with minimal effort, you hook the first pin with the coupler while running the machine and then once you rest your stick down you simply insert the second pin.

Mechanical Pin Grabber - With this setup, you rest the coupler over the 2 pins that remain installed in your attachment, at this point there is a ratchet handle you hop out of the machine and turn in order to lock both pins into place.

Hydraulic Pin Grabber - Much the same as the Mechanical, except it is all done with the flip of a switch from inside the cab.

All couplers include a 2 year warranty, free delivery Canada Wide (on orders over $2000) and will be fabricated to your existing pin specs.

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